Frequently Asked Questions

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    Why is Crowley ISD making these changes?
    With more families moving into our community and three new schools planned to open in the next two years, this is the right time to evaluate attendance zones and which grade levels will be at each campus.

    We have collected valuable feedback from our community, committees, administrators and school board trustees. Of the more than 1,000 people who participated in our online survey, 55% percent indicated they would like to see the elementary grade level structure changed to Pre-Kindergarten – 5th grade campuses. View survey results.

    When will the changes happen?
    This plan will take two years to roll out. In the fall of 2019, all current elementary schools, as well as the new one under construction, would become Pre-K through 5th grade campuses. All current intermediate schools would become Kindergarten through 6th grade campuses for one school year only.

    Then in the fall of 2020, these four schools would join the other elementary schools in becoming Pre-K through 5th grade campuses. The fourth middle school also will open and, with that extra space, middle schools would become 6th, 7th and 8th grade campuses. High schools would remain unchanged during this two-year plan. 

    Why can’t all elementary schools house Pre-K through 5th grades in the first year?
    We are using a two-year plan because our fourth middle school is scheduled to open in two years (fall of 2020). With only three middle schools currently available, there is not enough space to have 6th grade students attend middle school in 2019. By keeping next year’s 6th grade students at their current intermediate campus for one more year, we hope to limit the number of transitions these students have to make, while also limiting the number of students in our middle schools until the fourth middle school opens.

    If my child’s attendance zone changes, will they be required to attend a different school next year?
    Possibly, but our goal is to minimize change for students. Attendance zones must be redrawn because of the growth in our district and new schools opening. We want to maintain smaller enrollment numbers at each campus with students evenly distributed as possible.

    This means that some elementary and middle school students might be reassigned to a new school. If a parent would like to appeal and keep their child in their current school, there will be a process announced at a later date. View attendance zones.

    Will there be an opportunity to request a transfer to a different Crowley ISD school?
    Yes. Crowley ISD will continue to have a process for requesting student transfers. These requests are approved or denied based on available space and other factors.

    What about the MyChoice Programs?
    We are very proud of the success of the MyChoice Programs and will continue to offer, and expand, these programs. Students currently enrolled in a MyChoice Program will have the opportunity to remain in that program next school year if enrollment requirements are met.

    New students interested in enrolling in a MyChoice Program for the first time will have that opportunity in early 2019.

    Will there be an impact on Pre-K offerings?
    Crowley ISD is committed to investing in our youngest learners in Pre-K classes. The full-day program for four-year-old students that we began offering this year will continue, as well as the half-day program for three-year-old students. Our goal is to continue to expand these programs each year.

    Is there any impact on bus routes?
    Yes, some bus routes will change. These updates will be posted on our website when they are finalized.

    When 6th grade students begin attending middle schools in 2020, will they be able to participate in extracurricular activities, like athletics and band?
    Yes, 6th grade students will continue to enjoy a variety of extracurricular activities like intramural sports, band and choir. UIL athletic and fine arts activities will still begin in the seventh-grade.

    Will teachers and other staff have to change campuses and/or job assignments?
    Our goal is to minimize changes for staff. Yes, these changes will require some employees to be reassigned to a different campus and/or grade level. Human Resources will soon announce a timeline for voluntary transfer requests and other important dates for employees impacted by these changes.

    Where will the new schools be located?
    -June W. Davis Elementary School: On schedule to open in fall of 2019, this school is located off McPherson Blvd. in the Chisholm Trail Ranch neighborhood.

    -New Career and Tech Education (CTE) Center: Plans are in the final stages for this state-of-the art facility that will be located next to the Sewell Agricultural Science Center on Longhorn Trail in Crowley. The campus will also be home to the Crowley Collegiate Academy and is scheduled to open in the fall of 2020.

    -New Middle School: The current CTE building, located off Hwy. 1187 and McCart Ave. in Crowley, will be converted into a fourth middle school building and will open in fall of 2020.

    With all of this growth, when will Crowley ISD get a third high school?
    We work closely with the district’s demographer to track new home construction and future growth in our community while also closely monitoring school capacity numbers. There is currently enough space for growth within our two high schools, and it will likely be five years or more before a third high school is needed.