• Leadership Profile
    Superintendent of Schools
    Crowley Independent School District, Texas

          After seeking input from administrators, community members, faculty, parents, students, and support staff, the Crowley Independent School District Board of Trustees seeks a courageous transformational leader who is focused on student achievement. The future superintendent will be a person of  integrity and an effective communicator with all stakeholders.  This professional is a people person, who is an innovative and visionary leader who will implement a coherent curriculum for all students. Based upon their successful school district administrative experience with a diverse student population, the superintendent will promote and oversee instructional best practices.  
          In addition, the selected candidate will have demonstrated the necessary  financial management skills in a successful school district.  The next superintendent of Crowley Independent School District will be invested in the community and committed to stay for an extended tenure. This individual will be culturally competent, embrace and value diversity while leading the continuous improvement of a school district in all instructional and discipline areas.

          This outstanding collaborative leader openly seeks the input of others, demonstrating the value of the students, staff and the community.  The next superintendent of the Crowley Independent School District will balance being active, visible and approachable throughout the District with being engaged in the community.  

          Crowley Independent School District’s next leader will demonstrate the qualities of an open minded, strategic thinker who makes recommendations to the Board through data driven decisions.  Further, the new superintendent will engage all staff so as to develop leaders and build a team focused on the plans adopted by the Board giving direction for the future of the school district.
          Further, the Crowley Independent School District seeks a superintendent who has a proven track record demonstrating the following competencies:
    •  Foster a positive professional climate of mutual trust and respect among faculty, staff, and administrators
    • Establish a culture of high expectations for all students and personnel
    • Recruit, employ, and retain effective personnel throughout the District and its schools
    • Understand and be sensitive to the needs of a diverse student population
    • Be visible throughout the District and actively engaged in community life
    • Provide a clear, compelling vision for the future
    • Demonstrate a deep understanding of educational research and emerging best practices and implement strategies 

     Approved by the Crowley Independent School District Board of Trustees June 19, 2017