Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

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    Program Overview
    GATE is an academic program designed to provide academically gifted students, as well as learners who show the potential to perform at a remarkably high level of accomplishment.

    The Texas State Goal for Services for Gifted/Talented Students
    Students who participate in services designed for gifted/talented students will demonstrate skills in self-directed learning, thinking, research and communication as evidenced by the development of innovative products and performances that reflect individuality and creativity and are advanced in relation to students of similar age, experience or environment. High school graduates who have participated in services for gifted/talented students will have produced products and performances of professional quality as part of their program services.

    Crowley ISD Goals for Gifted Students
    In accordance with the Texas State Goal for the gifted Crowley ISD offers challenging educational opportunities for identified students in grades one through six through:

    Creative and Innovative Thinking
    Critical Thinking
    Self-Directed Learning