• Applying for college is both exciting and stress inducing. Statistics rank the cost of college as the second highest debt load in our country, only home mortgages rank higher. Prior planning can prevent stress and make it a more seamless process. The key is knowing what needs to be submitted to have a complete application and most importantly, meeting all deadlines.

    The process starts prior to actually applying. Exploring colleges/universities online and through college visits is a good start. Two excellent websites to start your search:

    Big Future -
    College Express -

    You can search nearly every college in the United States on Big Future and determine if you are a good candidate for that school and if the school has what you want to gain in your college experience. Once you have investigated several colleges and universities it is time to apply!

    For most students the application process will require you to complete three items:
    Complete the application
    Send your SAT/ACT scores
    Send your transcript

    Some schools will require additional essays to be written, letters of recommendation provided, and some even require a face-to-face interview. The key is to make sure you read the instructions correctly and follow them to the letter. Again, make sure that you meet the deadline.

    When applying, always check the school’s web site as there may be special instructions or a reduced-price (even free) application.
    If applying to a Texas college/university:
    Several schools use the Common Application:
    For Historically Black Colleges and Universities: