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    Crowley ISD is proud to offer students a variety of opportunities to earn college credit while still in high school. First, a few terms need to be defined:

    Dual Enrollment
    : The term means that students are simultaneously enrolled in two institutions. In our case Crowley ISD and then one of our partner institutions.

    Dual Credit: The term means that students can earn credit from both Crowley ISD and the partner institution. Most courses are dual credit but a student may choose to take a course the CISD does not grant high school credit and the student would just earn college credit in that case.

    TSI: Texas Success Initiative (TSI) means that students have to prove academic readiness for college courses. This requirement can be proven by SAT scores (480 ERW, 530 Math), ACT (23 overall with 19 in math and 19 in English). Students who have not met the ACT or SAT cut score can take the TSI-A test and score at the required level to meet readiness standards.

    PAA: The Pre Assessment Activity (PAA) is a legal requirement where students learn about the TSI-A test prior to testing. The PAA must be completed before a student can be allowed to test.

    These four terms are found throughout our information, as well as pages of our partner institutions. Before deciding to enter the dual enrollment program parents should discuss with their student the following:

    Is the student self-motivated? Dual enrollment courses do not have the same degree of oversight as a high school course.

    Is the student responsible? 
    This attribute is especially important for students opting to take online courses.

    Does the student have excellent attendance? Missing a college class is like missing a full week of school. For students taking courses through the TCC/CISD partnership, there is no such thing as excused or unexcused absences. Either one is present or one is not present. Students should not attend field trips with other courses, should avoid doctor/dentist appointments during dual enrollment time, or miss because of high school activities like sports or agriculture. If any of these aspects impact your student, please discuss with Mr. Mundt or Mrs. Wilkinson so that a good decision can be made.

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