• UT Permian Basin Dual Enrollment
    The University of the Texas of Permian Basin provides 22 online dual credit courses, as well as ENGR 1304 course, as a dual enrollment course. Students interested in UTPB courses should visit http://www.utpb.edu/academics/dual-credit. Prior to enrolling, students should visit with their high school counselor to ensure that the course fits with their graduation plan.

    Students will need to apply to UTPB’s dual credit program, meet UTPB eligibility and TSI requirements and then register for the desired course(s). Please check with the Dual Credit Academy handbook found on the link listed above.
    For more information, contact:

    Heather Cress
    UTPB Dual Credit Coordinator
    Phone: 432-552-2106
    Email: cress_h@utpb.edu

    Janelle Thomas
    North Crowley High School, counselor
    Phone: 817-263-1250
    Email: janelle.thomas@crowley.k12.tx.us

    Cara Hyatt
    Crowley High School, counselor 
    Phone: 817-297-5810
    Email: cara.hyatt@crowley.k12.tx.us

    ENGL 1301: Composition I  
    ENGL 1302: Composition II
    ENGL 2322: British Literature to 1800
    ENGL 2323: British Literature since 1800
    ENGL 2327: American Literature to 1865 
    ENGL 2328: American Literature since 1865
    HIST 1301: US to 1877          
    HIST 1302: US since 1877
    PLSC 2305 American National Politics
    MUSC 1301: Jazz, Pop, and Rock       
    PSYC 1301: Intro to Psychology
    SOC 1301: Intro to Sociology
    ART 1301: Art Appreciation
    COMM 1315: Intro to Public Speaking
    CRIM 2336: Intro to Criminology
    MATH 1314: College Algebra
    MATH 2412: Pre-Calculus    
    MATH 2413: Calculus I
    SPAN 1411: Beginning Spanish I         
    SPAN 1412: Beginning Spanish II
    SPAN 2311: Second Year Spanish I
    SPAN 2312: Second Year Spanish II
    ENGR 1204: Engineering Graphics

    Only courses listed in the Crowley Course Guide will be awarded dual credit but students are welcome to take any course on the list under the idea of dual enrollment.